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Home recording of your own musical compositions has never been this easy. Just take a quick search and you can get hold of music Online Beat Maker, either as a freeware or getting an affordable one with your credit card. You don't have to invest a fortune to put up a recording studio as even a $200 application can transform your home into one. These apps open up opportunities for aspiring bedroom musicians and composers to make their own kind of music.
BEATERATOR is definitely the best online beat maker, it's free and easy to use.

A Bit of Home Recording History

The home recording studio had its roots in the cassette recorder of the 70s and 80s. While the open reel tape decks allowed amateurs with musical abilities to play some instruments to have their own recordings at home, it was the cassette who made home recording accessible to a wider market of music composers.

It was sometime in the 90s as the internet popularity took hold that the modern PC-based audio editing, recording, mixing and synthesizing applications came out and caught the fancy of both amateur and professional music recording enthusiasts. With the internet, you can download them online.

One of the more popular ones are rhythm apps with drum patterns that let your play your instruments with more confidence and ease. These are also called beat makers and you can check out an online beat maker without much fuss.

What You Need To Make Your Home into a Studio

Anyone with a decent desktop or even a laptop PC can make a record, make multiple mixes and mix them down to stereo and put an original music on a CD. With the sound processing technology, you don't even have to know how to play an instrument to compose one.

Of course, the more power your PC is, the more benefits you get when installing studio apps. Windows 7/XP are just fine. For memory, a PC with at least 2GB RAM and a 250GB hard drive is more than enough.

Music files are stored in RAM before they get to be processed, so it’s always good to have more RAM. Needless to say, you have to make sure that your motherboard has those in-built audio processors. Otherwise, a PCI-slotted sound card from Creative will do the trick and you can start making beats with an Online Beat Maker.

Most of these apps have the facility to create the rhythm and drum patterns of your design and they also come with stock beats. They have the tools to make rap and hip hop beats. Some beat makers invite creators to submit their beat creations and get them posted online for DJs and record producers to discover.

One of the best online beat makers is BEATERATOR which can easily be used to make any kind of beats. Check it out  and you’d be on the road to maxing out your PC’s music making prowess.

Professional Beat Maker

If you wanna get professional then online beat maker is not the way to do it. Check out DubTurbo:

beat maker
What makes this Pro Beat Maker so unique?
Easiest interface (even my son can make beats with it), Video lessons in the members area, awesome tutorials, and much more.

Pro Beat Maker advantages:

  • Superb, Easy User Interface
  • 1000+ Of Sounds To Make Any Beats
  • Save Your Beat As High Quality Wav File Easily
  • Video lessons
  • Tons Of High Quality Instrumentals Sounds

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WOW! this Beat Maker is absolutely amazing... thanks for info.
Mark, NY

I wish I saw it a year ago... when I began my journey of making rap beats.
John, CA

Very easy to learn, plenty of sounds to discover. This is too addicting guys :)
Jennifer, IL

Yes! Finally what I was looking for so long time. I will dedicate my first beat to you.
Jeff, Canada

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